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Dancing Maneki Usagi Gold Hard Enamel Pin

Dancing Maneki Usagi Gold Hard Enamel Pin

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Introducing the very first of kalematsuba's bunny themed enamel pin series!

This gold hard enamel pin is about 2" tall and comes with double gold metal back clasps for extra secure fastening to any bag, clothing, etc.

The gold finish on the coin and bell will have you feeling your luck with money rising, and the red on the ears and bib have a sparkle finish enamel for a feeling of extra good fortune!

The coin they are holding is a symbol of great wealth, the kanji means "sen man ryo" which translates to 1000x10000 ryo - ryo was a type of gold coin used in Japan's Edo period; this single coin is worth 10,000,000 ryo! That was a HUGE fortune during that period! 

The white rabbit symbolizes purity and happiness, and the black rabbit will help you ward off bad feelings and people with its evil repelling properties.

Or you can have both in a two pack!